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Whisky Distillery and Tasting Tours - ‘uisge-beatha'

‘ Experience the many facets of whisky with a bespoke distillery visits and tastings tour. ’

Our distillery and tasting tours are tailored to suit your individual requirements and range from ‘novice’ with a general interest in Scottish whisky to the ‘connoisseur’ seeking out the best of the single malts.

Options for these tours include sightseeing between distillery visits and private tastings in a variety of venues.

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With over 100 distilleries in Scotland producing whisky it is not surprising there is huge variation in taste, aroma and colour across the single malts. No two distilleries are the same , be it the smallest, biggest, island, lowland or highland, or even the highest location - each one creates their own distinct influence over the spirit.

Whisky has many influences on its final nose and taste. Initially the ‘terroir’, the malted barley, the water, the distillation process and the location temper the spirit but then as it matures in the bonded warehouse the type of cask and age come into play. Our tasting formats and venues vary but are arranged to try and show the end result of these influences and help find whisky favourites that suit your taste.

These tours can be initiated by completing our tour booking page.

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Tour pricing

All of our Whisky Tours are individually priced to reflect the distillery visits and overall itinerary, catering and number of people taking the tour. Based on your initial requirements we send a detailed itinerary accompanied by a tour price.

Your Tour Transport

Mercedes V Class AMG

We use a Mercedes V Class AMG Line long wheelbase on all tours. Inside the cabin; leather seats, generous legroom, air conditioning and privacy glass ensure comfort and effortless travel.

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