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Our specialism is Luxury, Personal Itinerary Tours, moulded around guest’s particular preferences and interests. Every part of your tour is crafted to ensure the very best experience of Scotland, at a relaxed pace, often visiting places and sights off the main tour routes and avoiding crowds. Select the Personal Itinerary Tours or Malt Whisky Tours icons below to read more about the creation and delivery of your tour, leaving you free to relax and soak up those lasting memories of the real Scotland.

All tours provide the services of a driver and experienced guide to help you maximise the content of each day. Tour prices also include luxury transport, refreshments, lunch, visit attraction admission fees and a comprehensive tour information pack, so no unexpected extra costs (See About our Tours for more details).

Our tours are unique so why not Dare to be Different and Tour with the Sporran. Our Reviews Page holds comments from a selection of those guests who ‘dared’ and now tell the tale!

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Insights into some Tour Regions and Themes

For such a small country the diversity of landscapes, sights and cultures of Scotland is huge. Below are some insights into different regions to start the planning of where and what, might be included in a tour.

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