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Champagne picnic
Champagne picnic
Champagne picnic


  • Aberdeen Angus beef with a horseradish sauce
  • Dunkeld hot smoked salmon with dill & mustard relish
  • Rannoch smoked venison with cherry & bramble jelly
  • Egg mayonaise & cress (Our own free range outdoor hens)


  • Scottish carrots with cranberry & orange
  • Diced beetroot
  • Perthshire grown tatties, chives & spring onions
  • Baby tomatoes & mixed salad leaves

Pies and Pastries

  • Irvine’s (Blairgowrie) homemade Pork Pie
  • Irvine’s (Blairgowrie) mini-sausages in a BBQ sauce
  • Our home made vegetarian quiche
  • Hand crafted spicy chicken pastries
  • Ewart's (Blairgowrie) traditional Scotch Pie

Cheeses & Crackers

  • Red Anster (Stewarts, Anstruther)
  • Isle of Mull Cheddar
  • Caledonian Brie (milk from Scottish cows)
  • Perthshire oatcakes & Scottish cracker selection


  • Classic apple pie (Locally grown apples)
  • Perthshire berries in a triffle (varies in season)


  • Something from the Sporran
  • Perthshire Elderflower sparkling wine (Cairn O’Mohr)
  • Bottled Perthshire Water
  • Tea (Scottish Blend) and coffee

By sourcing the majority of our picnic ingredients from local growers and producers we aim to provide you with a real seasonal Perthshire Treat

Should your tour be on a day when the weather is exceptionally poor, normal catering may be replaced by indoor stops (including an equivalent light lunch) at designated bistros and hotels along the tour routes.

Special food requests (eg. for dietary requirements) are possible and we would try to accommodate all reasonable request provided they are notified to us at the time of booking.

For Exclusive Tours catering may be varied to suit your requirements and should be discussed with us when making your booking enquiry.

Sleepy Sporran Tour Transport Sleepy Sporran's Mercedes V Class AMG

Your VIP tour transport will be a Mercedes V Class, AMG Line, which is a top of the range people carrier, designed to provide effortless travel for up to 6 people.

Inside the cabin you will find leather seats, full climate control, generous legroom, good visibility and privacy glass.

Smoking and e-cigarettes/vaping are not permitted on the bus.

Please note we do not carry children below the age of 12 years or below 1.35m in height.

Accessibility guide

Our Tour Vehicle

Access to our tour vehicle
  • We use a Mercedes V Class 250 extra long wheelbase.
  • The seating configuration is 2 rows of 3 seats.
  • The seats are 480mm wide and are 400 mm above cabin floor level.
  • The average legroom between rows is 480mm
  • Overall headroom in the cabin is 1300mm

Safety Features

  • All seats have adjustable backrests and headrests
  • All seats have a 3 point seatbelt

Access to Our Tour Vehicle

Access to our tour vehicle
  • The access doors, one on each side or the vehicle are electrically operated sliding doors.
  • When the door is open the clear opening is 900mm wide by 1250 mm high
  • The cabin floor is approximately 490mm above road level
  • There are 2 steps at each door
  • From road level to the door threshold and 2nd step it is approximately 380mm

Special Needs

  • Hearing impairment - audio enhanced tour guide commentary
  • Visual impairment - tour itineraries are available in large text print

Access to Our Tour Vehicle

Access to our tour vehicle
  • The 2nd step has a slip resistant surface
  • The step and door threshold are illuminated
  • There are 2 grab handles adjacent to the doors
  • Access to the rear seats is by folding down one of the 2nd row seats to give a clear gap of 550mm


  • Children below the age of 12 years or 1.35m in height are not eligible to travel on the tour vehicle
  • It may be possible to accommodate certain small folding wheelchairs / walkers but such a request must be made known at the time of booking.

Visitor Attraction Entry Fees and Information Blackhouse

The ‘Main tour landmarks’ descriptions for each tour are intended to give an outline of each tour route and flag up the more prominent places / attractions along the route.

To make the most of the day and create a balance between journey times and visit stops, each tour route is made up of places to view in passing / photoshops and places / attractions where we make a stop and visit the grounds or the attraction.

The relevant entry fees to these grounds / attractions are included in the tour prices. Additional 'guided tours’ (and their cost) are also included where specifically stated in the tour descriptions but please note all other optional tours or access arrangements are excluded.

On all tours we issue a comprehensive pack with information about the places the tour visits. This is a combination of leaflets, guide books and a map and varies in content depending on the tour.

About Your Hosts

Trish and Ian, your Sleepy Sporran hosts

Trish and Ian, your hosts, are eager to share with you, their knowledge and passion of Scotland, through their unique 5 star accredited Sleepy Sporran experience (all of our visitors tell us ‘it’s far more than just a tour’). Sleepy Sporran is fast becoming a favourite of discerning international and home visitors alike seeking out those undiscovered, breathtaking, scenic views, and secret places that many tours never find. Scotland may be a relatively small country, with a population considerably less than London or New York but less is more when it comes to awesome scenery, myths and legend, history, wildlife and wonderful winding roads that go nowhere!

The current success and reputation of our top quality tours owes much to the prelaunch years spent planning routes, researching history and culture, testing out routes, visiting attractions and forming those vital local business links that now all sit in the background but in reality ensure our tours are something different. As a small, family run business we are hands on and involved in every aspect of the business, which guarantees the high quality, personal service that all of our visitors expect and enjoy.

It seems lightyears since we set up SimpsonBell (our parent company formed in 2000) as a management consultancy in the commercial construction sector, managing complex multi million pound projects, which had the enjoyable spin offs for us of lots of travel and working closely with people. Business boomed but as thoughts of ‘normal’ retirement approached we wondered if we could keep the travel and people connection going by perhaps channeling our organisational, travel and management skills into providing guided tours. The idea and close family Scottish roots suggested we should head back to Scotland but the question was which part?

By pure chance, a business trip to Perthshire in 2005 gave the answer! We knew immediately that Perthshire was the perfect place to be based, with its most amazing range of scenery and wildlife, great transport links for visitors and its central location, being right in the very heart of Scotland, gives the ability to travel easily in any direction to visit neighbouring regions of Scotland.

So, September 2006 saw us heading north to Perthshire, like a circus on the move, with the horses, hens, Old English Sheepdogs and all of our clutter, to start Sleepy Sporran. Word very quickly got out that we were a ‘special’ holiday destination for family and friends and then friends of friends, as we spent summers and winters touring them round Perthshire, Fife and Angus and then further afield, all the time finding unusual places to visit and making lasting contacts with the locals. Trish has always been interested in history so for every trip she would research the myths, history and local knowledge around each tour, which made the trips even more interesting for our guests. Everyone came back for more, some making several visits in the year.

Because we took routes that were ‘off grid’ finding cafes and hotels for lunch at ‘normal lunch time’ was almost impossible and lunch at 4pm happened more than once!! Our solution, has become the legendary ‘Sleepy Sporran Picnic’ lunch, so our visitors can now enjoy a totally unique lunch, on time and always with a spectacular view. We think part of experiencing Scotland is about embracing the great outdoors and our visitors have confirmed this by insisting on having our al fresco picnic lunch all year round!!

So after years of deliberation and ‘amateur touring’ around most of Scotland, in late 2015 we decided to work on Sleepy Sporran full time. We then spent ages testing vehicles, timing routes, even hunting out ‘comfort stops’ and in between trying to set up the website and get some professional promotional material produced. In May 2017 Sleepy Sporran Tours became official as we livened up the website and launched. The result is that we now get to host visitors (who leave us as friends) from all over the world and spend our time amongst some of the best scenery in Scotland, is there really any better way to spend a day!

But why the name, Sleepy Sporran? Well, it always makes visitors smile, its a strong hint to the relaxed pace of our tours, it is after all a Scottish icon and if we serve you well you will take away those lasting once in a lifetime memories of Scotland including those of the ‘Sporran’. As we say Why settle for returning home with the same experiences and photographs as everyone else visiting Scotland, when you can dare to be different and ‘Tour with the Sporran’.

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